One to One Devices in Middle School

Covenant Christian School is pleased to announce that our middle school will be transitioning to a one-to-one device program this 2017-2018 academic year. Students will have access to a Chromebook for their use throughout the school day and at home.

Technology permeates our society, especially in higher education and the workplace. At Covenant,

we are committed to preparing our students for what lies ahead. Integrating technology in the classroom is part of that. One-to-one devices provide students who have minimal or no access to a computer at home connect with classmates, teachers, and the world around them. “I don’t have to wait for my family to finish using their computer in order to start my homework. Now, I have my own!” says eighth grade international student, Sean Fan. If students forget their planner at school or don’t understand an assignment, they can “review assignments, video chat classmates and email teachers” by using Google classroom, says seventh grader, Ernesto Gonzalez.

The benefits don’t end with easy access to technology and communicating with others. Students also don’t have to lug around a heavy backpack to and from school. Seventh grader Rayna Martinez loves that her teachers link to online versions of her textbooks.  Another plus is turning in assignments online. Gabrielle Detterich, sixth grader, agrees that our one-to-one device program is “helpful and beneficial” – no more papers getting lost at the bottom of a backpack or somewhere in the wrong notebook.

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