Do good. Be rich in good deeds. Be generous and willing to share.
(1 Timothy 6:18, paraphrased)

Fundraising. The word alone evokes images of magazines, order forms, and dinky prizes. Perhaps you shirk at the idea of asking loved ones and strangers to buy cookies or raffle tickets. Perhaps you have memories of your parents buying the entire inventory of candy bars and selling (or eating) them later. Fundraising has many haunting connotations, which we would prefer to leave behind. A better way to think of fundraising is as edu-raising.

Why edu-raising?
It keeps our goals at the forefront. These goals include offering scholarships, new programs, maintaining academic excellence, and completing capital projects.

What has been accomplished through edu-raising at CCS?
Preschool classrooms have new flooring, fresh paint, and new furniture.
Kindergarten has new tables.
Completely refurbished upstairs’ restrooms.
Two new copiers.
Remodeled gym restrooms.
1:1 Chromebooks in Middle School for class/home use.
1:1 Dell laptops in K-5 for classroom use.
Tablets in Kindergarten for classroom use.
Magnetic Whiteboards for three classrooms.
New CCS website.

The money raised through these efforts also enables CCS to remain generous, a quality we value and champion. Not only is our tuition one of the least expensive in the area, but it has remained the same for the past three school years, with only a 3% increase this ’18-’19 school year. We offer parents who are currently employed as police officers, firefighters, or U.S. military personnel (including those in the reserves) a 20% family tuition discount. We offer pastors and full-time church workers the same 20% family tuition discount. We currently have 36 families on some form of scholarship and/or tuition discount. Why? We believe affordable Christian education is incredibly important and want to help families make it a reality for their children.

However, the current tuition covers only 85% of our personnel and operational expenses.

All that to say, it’s important to know who we are, what we do and why we do what we do when it comes to edu-raising.

This is God’s school. It is an immense privilege to minister to the families who choose CCS as their partner in educating their children for life, ministry, and mission. These edu-raising opportunities are a few of the ways CCS partners with families for their children’s sake.

Be sure to come out to our first major 18-19 school year edu-raising opportunity – Trunk or Treat!

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