How do we honor the MOST valuable people in our lives? We honor them with food, of course! Every year we set aside an afternoon to say thank you to the people who’ve impacted our student’s lives with a ‘Special VIP’ In-N-Out Day. This event includes our entire school. Students are given formal invitations to present to their special VIP. For some, it is the first invitation they’ve ever given to someone.

On March 8th, an In-N-Out truck parked on the black top, smelling of gooey cheese and chocolate cookies. It’s red palms a sign of the good times to come. Preschoolers led the way, beaming. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends and church leaders shared a couple hours with our students. Some reclined on the grass, board games spread out on picnic blankets, while others enjoyed a shaded meal at the lunch tables. We love to celebrate the good people God has graciously placed in our lives. This yearly tradition is a favorite way to do that!

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