Fall Sports Recap

As we are moving into the winter season, we start thinking about Christmas, Jesus’s birth, and hot chocolate; but before we do so, it would be a good idea to look back at Fall. Here at Covenant Christian School, we held a Trunk-or-Treat and a Thanksgiving feast. We also had the boy’s football, girl’s basketball team, and cheerleaders (which are the stars of this article)! Specifically looking at the girl’s basketball team, they were phenomenal! This is the first time in six years that we have had a team for girl’s basketball! On this team was Gabi, Madison, Alicia, Breanna, Alice, Angelina, Lucy, Kaiya, and Naomi. They trained hard and played very well on the court. Though they did not win, we saw major improvement and they kept striving to do their very best. We are excited to see this team grow and compete in the coming years! Now, moving on to the boys football team! We have seen much growth in this team as well, as they have gone against quite a few teams and even made it to the finals! This team includes Devin, Isaac, Connor, Brian, Brayden, Sebastian, Diego, Matteo, Jeffery, Solomon, David, Aiden, Judah, Braden, Jonathon, Travis, Mica, Ryland, Brenson and Eric. And finally, how could we forget our cheerleaders who gave the teams encouragement with many well-rehearsed routines! The cheerleaders included Ava, Gabi, Addison, Madison, Aria, Emma, Naomi, Naomi, Kady, and Abigail. That just about covers all of our fall sports here at covenant. Now, let’s enjoy the holidays! Remember: the ASB will be selling “God Given Gift Grams” throughout the Christmas season, so be sure to purchase a few to show your appreciation to teachers, friends, and more! Merry Christmas everybody!

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