Have an 8th Grader? How We Prepare Them For Highschool!

Here at CCS we send students to various high schools throughout Orange County, both public and private. With such a diverse range of schools and a diverse population of students, we work to prepare all our students with a skill set that will serve them well, regardless of where they attend high school. This includes academics, reasoning skills, and a Biblical worldview. CCS is committed to a comprehensive approach that makes students comfortable with the “old school” approach to learning (book and pencil), while at the same time ensuring that they are fluent using a digital platform. 

CCS uses secular textbooks for science and history, but our classroom instruction is delivered using a Biblically based lens. This combination of source and instruction allows us to make sure that students are equipped to defend their views and their faith as they continue their education into high school and beyond. Our English Language Arts courses develop writing and vocabulary skills that strengthen their ability to both learn and communicate. They are instructed on standard MLA formatting, literary structure, and various writing styles. Math and coding are taught in a way to provide students with foundational skills, process skills, higher-level thinking, and problem-solving strategies.

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