Serving the community of Orange, CA since 1985, Covenant Christian School is a private Christian school. Our mission is to provide a solid biblical and educational foundation on which children can build their future.  We view each child as a uniquely gifted individual created by God to fulfill a special purpose in this world.  Our educational team desires to instill a love of God and His Word in its students, as well as to develop academic capabilities that will ensure life-long success. We accomplish this through rigorous learning experiences, a distinctly Christian approach to all subjects, and diverse serving and leading opportunities.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results:


  • Develop and demonstrate compassion for others
  • Practice spiritual disciplines of study, Bible memorization, prayer, worship, and service
  • Be equipped and empowered to fulfill the Great Commission by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and spreading the Gospel


  • Develop, defend, and demonstrate a Biblical worldview
  • Become critical thinkers who are able to logically develop, discuss, and apply learned skills to new situations
  • Master fundamental skills in order to communicate concepts using written, oral, digital, and artistic forms


  • Discover gifts and talents to demonstrate God’s truth through word and deed
  • Demonstrate compassion and knowledge to lead in the local and global communities
  • Apply problem-solving skills and knowledge to real-world situations
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