The Arts

Creation brims with color and sound. As ones created in God’s image, we are marked with the same creative impetus. Our Visual and Performing Arts program empowers students to discover the excitement and joy of creating, while building foundational skills and character traits that will allow them to pursue the arts in the future.

Visual Arts

All K-8 students receive art instruction once a week.  With each lesson and project, a basic element of art is emphasized to foster an understanding and foundation in the visual arts. These elements include line, color, value, texture, shape, space, form and perspective. Students are able to build on this foundation as they advance through school. A goal of this enrichment is to cultivate creativity.

On top of that our students are learning how they can worship God through Visual Arts, how they can serve others through Visual Arts, and how they can help our school and our church through Visual Arts. In the fall, we create a special project – painted wooden blocks for Liberian orphans. These are delivered by Containers of Hope. In the spring, we participate in a school-wide Art Competition, and the winners will proceed to the ACSI Art Festival.
For an overview of this year’s art program/curriculum, click here.


General music classes are offered to all K-5 grade students. Music curriculum is based on California and National Music standards. Mrs. Sanchez also pulls from a Kodaly and Orff-Shulwerk approach. During classes students engage in folk dancing, develop critical listening skills, sing and play games from various cultures. Students learn how to notate, compose, and arrange music – individually and collaboratively. They transfer these skills to pitched and unpitched percussion instruments. Students in 4-5 grade learn the soprano recorder. There is also a General Music elective for 5-6 graders. Students play chimes, ukulele, sing, and play pitched percussion. Our music classes participate in a Veteran’s Day program, Christmas musical and a Spring concert. There are also opportunities to perform at our annual talent show.

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