Foreign Language


In primary grades, students have the opportunity to develop vocabulary and grammar skills based on contexts related to daily living  By the end of the course, students will be able to understand and speak about many topics including daily routines, greetings and farewells, descriptions, food, clothes , autobiographical information, numbers, colors, dates, time and weather.  Students will read short stories appropriate to their grade and language level.  They will become more aware and gain knowledge of the culturally diverse Spanish speaking world to develop insight into the nature of language and culture.

In grades 7th and 8th, students will learn more grammar, including articles, pronouns, conjugations, adjectives, adverbs, etc. Students will also learn about culture and they will be assigned several assignments to complete on their own.

The goals of Spanish class are:  

  • Engage in simple conversation in Spanish
  • Demonstrate understanding of spoken and written Spanish on a variety of topics
  • Present information and ideas to an audience through speaking and writing in Spanish
  • Demonstrate understanding of social interaction patterns within Spanish culture(s) through participation in cultural activities
  • Apply knowledge of Spanish and language culture(s) to further gain knowledge of other disciplines
  • Analyze and use different patterns of communication and social interaction appropriate to the setting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of use of the Spanish language within and beyond the school setting.
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