Short-term Students

Covenant Christian School began its acceptance of visiting international students in the 2006-2007 school year, and we have continued to receive international students each year since then. We offer a short-term social and academic program during the school year for students who are visiting the U.S. under a visitor’s visa. Due to the significant success of our program, and word-of- mouth sharing of their experience at CCS, we have averaged fifteen international students per year since its inception. Students come for the experience, as well as an opportunity to practice their English skills. While camp students are not fully enrolled, they participate in all of the classroom activities and the classwork. However, no report cards are generated. This allows our visitors to “experience school in America” without being fully enrolled.

CCS accepts camp students for grades K through 8. We have programs during the fall, winter, and spring. The students attend CCS on a short-stay basis, usually for a six- to eight-week period coinciding with the ‘winter break’ at their school in their home country. During their time with CCS, these students participate fully in the classroom curriculum, gain a better understanding of English, learn about Jesus through daily Bible lessons and weekly chapel attendance, and make good friends. A number of students have returned for additional short-stay visits following their initial stay.

For more information, contact Melissa Zielke via phone at 714-998-4852 x115, or via email at

Forms & Documents

Short Term Student Packet

I-20 Full-term Students Information

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