Academic Coaching Program

The goal of the Covenant Christian School’s Academic Coaching Program is for every student to find his/her own success in the school environment, and have it continue throughout their academic career and into adulthood. The Academic Coaching Program is open to CCS students during school hours and after school, and to non-CCS students after school hours.

The program is a structured, step-by-step, multi-sensory approach to learning. It teaches the students compensatory strategies for their specific educational needs while building on their strengths. To this end, each student will have an individually-designed program to meet his/her needs in the areas of reading, math, and language arts.

Mrs. Penksaw, our Academic Coach, is a credentialed teacher specifically trained in multi-sensory methods.  She will partner with parents and the classroom teachers to monitor the progress of each child.

Mrs. Penksaw is currently on maternity leave and Miss Williams will be currently running our academic coaching program until she returns. Miss Williams is a credentialed educator who received her degree in education from Grand Canyon University. She has a passion and joy to meet all student’s needs on campus – she is a joy and blessing to our school!

If your student needs extra support and you would like more information about our program, please call Mrs. Penksaw or Miss Williams at 714-998-4852 x126.

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